HSSE Policy
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HSSE Policy

Health, Safety, Security & Environmental Policy

A.O. BAYUSUF & SONS LTD. Is committed to ensuring the highest standards in Road Transportation by incorporating the best practices in the Health, Safety, Security & Environmental (HSSE).

We shall achieve this objective by working very closely with our clients and by supporting public and governmental efforts that foster HSSE. This commitment cuts across all countries that we operate in

In particular, we are committed to the following in ensuring HSSE in the area of road transportation:-


  • Comply with all HSSE laws and regulations of the countries we operate in and HSSE regulations of our clients.
  • Eliminate all truck and product related incidents by making all employees fully responsible    and accountable for HSSE.
  • Maintaining a well motivated employee workforce properly trained on defensive driving and safe product handling and always recognizing good HSSE performance.
  • Commitment to an alcohol and drug free workplace together with a program to ensure total compliance.
  • Making it a priority to maintain a safe fleet through proper selection and design of trucks, supported by an effective preventive maintenance program.
  • Having in a place a process to respond to emergencies when the do occur and to promptly mitigate incidents.
  • Management commitment and involvement to create and sustain transportation HSSE awareness across the company. This will include having in place HSSE management System that ensures a process exists to sustain HSSE through continuous improvement at all times.
  • The fight against HIV/AIDS has absolute management support and commitment.
  • We are committed to non-discrimination in the workplace, particularly on the basis of HIV status.
  • Absolute confidentiality will be ensured in dealing with personal HIV/AIDS related matters


A.O. Bayusuf will adopt and implement all the clients’ policies related to safe transportation and handling of products.